Brand name:

AltaCima 4.090

Blend Composition:

100% Merlot


Lontue Valley

Harvest period or Harvest date:

Towards the beginning of April 2009.

Laboratory analysis:




Residual Sugar:


Total Acidity:

 4,82 gr/lt. ( as Tartaric acid)



Winemaking process:



In stainless steel tanks. Three   days of cold pre-fermentation maceration at 5º to 6ºC; 8 days of alcoholic fermentation with temperatures between 24º and 28ºC. Once the fermentation process was concluded, the wine was run off. 
Total skin/wine contact time: 13 days.

Ageing process:

30 % of the wine is aged in French oak barrels (1 to 3 years old), the rest is aged in stainless steel tanks.
The malolactic fermentation spontaneously realized  during its ageing.

Filtration Procedure:

The wine is unfiltered. It may present some natural sediment.

Tasting notes

Our 2009 Altacima 4.090 Merlot has an intense and attractive red colour.
 It presents pleasant aromas that combine black and red fruits with black pepper, and a slight hint of toasty aromas.
It has strong fruity flavours with mature and velvety tannins that wrap the palate.
This is an elegant wine with a very nice persistence.

Date of bottling:

  2010  (batch production)

Ideal consumption period:

2010 - 2016

Ideal temperature for consumption:

16 to 18ºC

Food pairing:

It is great with chicken, turkey, pasta, risotto as well as soft cheese and dry fruit.